I had so much fun shooting this urban engagement session with Willsen and Calistya in downtown Auckland. I met Calistya a few months earlier when we worked together on a bridal portrait session (See Trina's Gallery) where she was the make up artist. Obviously her profession made doing her own makeup fun and easy save a minor run in with the bathroom door... enough said! Keep reading for more of Willsen & Calistya's story! ~George How did the two of you meet? "His cousin brought him along when we were going to  the mall in Indonesia, Jakarta. Mall Taman Anggrek to be exact. To View More >>

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It was so much fun hanging out with Sarah and Clover on this cool Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, Sarah and I met after her own photography gear and family photos were stolen while on holiday here in New Zealand. Despite these 'rocky' foundations, I lent Sarah my gear so she could finish two of her own portrait sessions that day while I watched on in amusement. Fun is an understatement. I wish I could make half the number of silly sounds that Sarah could make! Eventually it was Sarah's turn to jump in front of the lens along with little Clover. Cute and bubbly with just a little bit of sass, To View More >>

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